I'm an all things food lover currently based in Brooklyn, NY.  I'm also a proud mamma to Pascal the dog and baby girl Riley Jia, who keeps me more hungry and conscious about what I'm eating than ever before.  I've been spoiled by growing up with home-cooked Chinese food and living around the world in outstanding food cities.  At the heart of it, I've always loved cooking real food and originally started this blog to chronicle "recipes", though quite honestly they're more like ideas as I'm the worst recipe writer and follower ever.  At any given time I can be thinking about what I'm going to eat next and how I'm going to make or procure it.  Over time, my husband Matt and I started writing about traveling (another passion) and restaurants.  Thanks so much for visiting and hope you find some food inspiration.

Favorites ingredient: eggplant, aubergine, melongene, qie zi
Eat before I die: my grandma's eggplant stew with cellophane noodles, served with a plain steamed bun

I'm Matt, and I eat the food that Jess cooks.  I've been taking advantage of the food scene in London since I moved there in 2010. Traveling is my passion, mainly on a food hunt for awesome places the likes of Mark Bittman and Anthony Bourdain have written about, but hopefully we can share some of our own finds here too!  I am a big fan of local places that are all about the food, and don't crave Michelin stars all the time.

Favorite ingredient: cheese
Eat before I die: bagel with cream cheese and lox

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