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It's time for my yearly blog post! (insert LOL emoji)  This is the time of the year that I get sent an annual reminder that my domain is going to renew, and that I will get charged another $10 for the year, and I think "oops, another year?" The only problem is that I have no idea WHO actually manages this domain, WHERE my money is going every year, and WHAT I need to do in the event that I have questions or want to stop it.  This is the problem with subscriptions.  I'm pretty sure I pay $5 a year for an American Greetings subscription because one year 10 years ago (when people actually sent e-cards) I wanted to send one that required a subscription, and I thought "well $5 is about how much a card costs in the store and if I subscribe I can send one every day!".  No. No. No.

Anyways as long as I'm on here I might as well include something about food.  We've been cooking a ton lately, perhaps more so than ever before.  This has been driven by alot of things.... more space,  bigger kitchen, a little more time now that Riley is older, a desire to eat better/cleaner, and desire to save money.  Summer came and went and we ate all the meats and greens.  Riley also began feeding herself and with that a whole new level of chaos has ensued :) 


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