Franco Manca.

Brixton Market has been one of my favorite places for great food in London for a long time.  For some reason, we haven't written about any of our experiences there, so we thought it was about time.  And for the first post, comes our favorite Pizza place in all of London: Franco Manca.  Like Sushi in London as described in a previous blog post, finding good Pizza in London is a difficult task.  In the States you are spoiled for choice most places with at least a dozen joints serving decent slices within driving distance, and whats better is that they all deliver.  In London this isn't the case.  Most delivery pizza's are of the Dominos, Papa Johns, or Red Planet persuasion, the last of which has been written off forever after granting me a fantastic case of food poisoning.  There are a number of very very good places to get pizza here, but most, not all, are sit down restaurants.  Franco Manca is no different, with several establishments across the city.  It is however, the best place we have gotten pizza since moving here.

The pizza at Franco manca isn't the traditional thin crust most people are used to.  Here they make all of there crust using sourdough, which gives it a very chewy texture without being underdone.  To me, the dough makes the pizza, and i could easily sit there sopping up their home made chilli oil with a big hunk of dough for hours, but it is a pizza place, so I figure I should at least mention the toppings. All of their toppings are locally sourced in the UK, with Cheese from Somerset and sausages from Gloucester.  There are usually five or six different selections on the menu changing regularly with the season based on whats available.  After visiting on several different occasions I've never regretted my choice, so all are amazing, and coming in under £8 each....they drive a hard bargain.  You can wash these bad boys down with a beer or one of their organic wines coming in at under £15 per bottle.  I don't believe there is a better place to get Pizza in London, but please, correct me if I'm wrong.

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  1. I've read so many comments about Franco Manca, and many talks about the best Pizza in London. I think it's a good Pizza but way far from the best in the City.

    I love your article. This is my point of view about Franco Manca in Brixton:

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