Beers, kebabs and chilis in Camberwell

Earlier this year we discovered Stormbird in Camberwell, south London.  The combination of an extensive craft beer selection, local feel, and reasonable prices meant that we quickly became obsessed with this pub.  On top of all that, there are some excellent restaurants nearby, like literally a hop away, that are perfect for soaking up all those pints.

If, under inebriation, you're looking for something that will knock you in the face, go to Wuli Wuli for the Sichuan specialties like hot sizzling fish or mapo tofu.  And to top if off, a wide range of chinese music, from folk to current, gently plays giving the restaurant an authentic feel.

We shared a big bowl of stewed fish fillet.  And no, I do not know what kind of fish it was, because it doesn't really matter when bathed in peppercorns, chilis, and chili oil.  It's important to note that this was actually the small portion.  What does the large look like??  This hit all the right notes of hot, spicy, and numbing, but was not tear-inducing-set-yourself-on-fire hot.  Despite my Chinese background and love for chilis, I am weak and probably could not stand the test of spice against little children in Sichuan.

We also got one of my favorites, mapo tofu.  Now for anyone who doesn't share my love-affair with tofu (ahem, Matt), eat this and you'll think again (again, Matt).  Because despite being called tofu, this dish get its flavor from the fragrant minced pork in it, and of course, the chilis.  To be honest this could have been even more intense, but perhaps they did us a favor by toning this down given the pot of chili fish. 

Other standard Chinese dishes are also available for those who dont like Sichuan cuisine, but they will not be as good.  When in a Sichuan restaurant, the only thing to do is embrace it, otherwise opt for somewhere else. 

Now if the idea of stuffing yourself with chilis and oil after many beers does not fill you with excitement, try FM Mangal for probably the best Turkish food I have had outside of Turkey, for now.  We have crap pictures from this and so am not going to post them, which is another example of when the food is too good that pictures are sacrificed.  But seriously, if you like meat and grills, go to FM Mangal.  As soon as entering the restaurant, we knew it would be good.  The smell of smokey grilled meats and rotating kebabs filled every nook and cranny.  I especially loved the sweet roasted onions that were given complimentary to start.  I am salivating just thinking about them now and must plan another visit soon.
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