Quimet y Quimet: The best restaurant on Earth?

Finding good food in Spain, particularly in Barcelona, is not that difficult.  Even the smallest cafe/bar will serve some very delicious tapas dishes.  But one particular place in Barcelona, that may not even receive a second look to the unaware passerby, may have achieved its standing as our favorite restaurant in the world.  This restaurant is Quimet y Quimet.  Quimet has been written about on a number of foodie blogs (including this one: See here!) and in the New York Times, but walking in it still maintains the charm of a local tapas bar.  To say this is a restaurant is a bit of an overstatement.  There are no chairs except for a few bar stools, and there is not (for the most part) hot food.  People come here for the incredibly well crafted canapes and plates fresh and canned fish, cheese, and different charcuterie.   
Small Place, Big Flavors.
This was actually our second time at Quimet, the first being at the end of 2010.  On our first visit there was no menu (at least not in english) and the staff did not speak any English.  We pointed to things we wanted and were given a cornucopia of different canapes and plates.  It was an amazing experience.  Upon returning in 2013, the word had definitely gotten out when we heard the bartender speaking English, French, Spanish, and a bit of German.  This however was not because the place was packed with tourists, no.  It just caters to the few couples who read/heard about Quimet and aren't intimidated by the 100 patrons crammed into a 15 foot by 15 foot bar.  A further development since the first visit was a menu completely in English, so we could see all the different dishes we had to choose from.  Below is a selection of some of the best.  And as the title said, this is probably our favorite restaurant in the world (WARNING: Some pictures may be classified as Food Porn).
Recent English Menu
First was the reason we came back to Quimet: Salmon, yogurt and truffeled honey.  This is probably the best bite of food in the world.  A number of restaurants in Barcelona replicate this dish, but none can stand up.  It is utter perfection.
Second was the Tuna Belly with Sea Urchin.  Another unbelievable dish.  Nothing was overpowering and the flavors just meshed perfectly.  Not mentioned above, all the canapes are served on a very light crustini with just enough toast to bear all the ingredients piled on top.

Third, Cured Beef with Roasted Tomatos and red peppers.  Obviously this is good.

While we had a number of other canapes, these were three of the best.  You could easily spend an entire day in there, drinking amazing local wines and eating canape after canape.  We decided to try one of the desserts and opted for the Liquorized Peaches.  Let me tell you, it wasn't a joke, those peaches were blacked out. (I wanted the cheese next door, but whilst in Spain, you gotta save some room for the next potential dish).
Liquorized Peaches and Cheese
Why the question mark? Well, its hard to say that Quimet IS actually a restaurant.  It is more like a bar that serves amazing food.  Timeout recently named it as one of the best bars in Europe, which makes it hard to call it the best restaurant in the world, but we could probably defend that position.


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