Mercat de La Boqueria - Take Two

I was so excited to go back to Barcelona in late January for a short and sweet weekend.  This was definitely a foodie trip filled with calçots, canapes, tapas and other traditional catalan dishes.  Naturally,  one of the first stops (and first post) had to be La Boqueria.  Now I have mixed feelings about the general explosion of food markets over the past few years.  While it's exciting for a market lover like myself, I can't help but feel fatigued from seeing too many generic stalls trading mainstream products and sacrificing quality for popularity.  This is why I was so excited to return to a market that maintains freshness and quality every day while still catering to locals.

These are pictures from the last time, two years ago, but I am so excited that I have to share them again.
Is that enough eggs?
Just gleeful.

The best langostines at Bar Pinotxo. 
The of the best things about La Boqueria are the tapas bars inside.  Unlike some markets that have standing stalls catering to takeaway, the tapas bars here are still smack in middle of the vibrant market but fully intended for taking a break to people watch and chat. 

First, some of that smooth café con leche.

We started off with breakfast at El Quim and ordered a couple of breakfast sandwiches and roasted artichokes.  The assorted omelette comes with lots of vegetables such as zucchini and red pepper. 

This el boca quim below can i say it...soooo good!  Roasted pork, onion confit, grilled asparagus, and a fried egg.

I also can't say enough about the roasted (aka. fried) baby artichoke chips.  It was so soft and salty, and conveniently is also a perfect breakfast sandwich topper.  But this was so rich that it was tough to finish for breakfast.

On our last day we went back to Bar Pinotxo for another breakfast tortilla with tomato bread. The tortilla, or omelette, or frittata, was soft with asparagus.  I just can't get enough of tomato bread.  Later we learned that this is made by toasting bread, rubbing with garlic fresh tomatos, and then dousing it with olive oil.  Talk about a breakfast of champions.

A beautiful scene around mid-morning.

Ahh I miss it already.  Next time must try more langostines and those delicious wild mushrooms I saw everywhere.

There is only one bad thing that I can say about La Boqueria... and it's truly a disappointment...


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