Noodles Noodles Everywhere. (Part I: Curry Laksa)

Well, my 'About Me' says that my favorite meal is a bagel with cream cheese and lox, but I'm starting to rethink that and put noodle soup on the top of that list.  I know what you are thinking, 'Noodle soup?  There are tons of different types of noodle soup.'  EXACTLY.  I should be clear here, I am talking specifically about asian noodle soups, ranging from Malaysian Curry Laksa to Lanzhou La Mien to Japanese Udon.  While I could write for ages about the variety and kinds I have tried throughout the past couple years while travelling in Singapore, China, Cambodia, and Malaysia, I wanted to dedicate this to a few of my favorites in London.  This will be the first of a series of blogposts dedicated to the wonderful world of Noodle Soup.  I suppose if a mind-blowing Minestrone or Chicken Noodle come my way we may include them, for the time being this is dedicated specifically to the Asian variety.

First comes Curry Laksa, most likely my favorite.  This form of laksa is made with a coconut milk base and usually includes a variety of ingredients including bean sprouts, greens, fish balls, and a variety of other seafood.  Variations also include beef and chicken curry laksa.  I must say, this dish is not for everyone.  The curry broth is rich and fragrant  often with an extremely spicy kick.  The pro is that despite the spice, the coconut milk seems to offer a cooling sensation that keeps you coming back for more bite after bite.  A number of places in London sell Laksa but I've narrowed this down to two of my favorites.

Naamyaa (Angel Tube Station)  While a dedicated blog is forthcoming, the Curry Laksa here is phenomenal.  This joint just opened near Angel station, and while the interior is hip and modern, the Laksa stands up to any found in dedication Malaysian restaurants or in Southeast Asia.  The downside is that this is definitely upmarket Laksa due to the location, presentation, and cutlery used to eat it.  I personally love the idea of eating this soup in a hawker center or small hole in the wall, hunched over in a plastic chair among a thousand other hungry onlookers, sweat dripping down your face while sipping on a cold beer, but hey thats not for everyone.

Rasa Sayang (Chinatown) is probably the winner in this category.  The curry laksa here is full of flavour enriching every sense as you take bite after bite of the spicy broth.  It also doesn't hurt that the dishes are cheap and reminiscent of eating in a Singaporean hawker center. See blog post on Rasa Sayang here.

For good measure, an amazing curry laksa from Lau Pasat hawker center in Singapore:

Come back next time for Noodles Part II: Ramen!
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