Pancakes are back

Wellll it's been about a month since the last blog post.  As I flip through old pictures, I realize how many good meals have been made in our flat the last few months that have never been written about. So starting off with something super our saturday morning (post-workout) breakfast.  I strongly emphasize the post-workout as it's really crucial to enjoying this to it's fullest.

I had a brief stint with pancakes at the age of 17 when I became addicted to the plain buttermilk pancakes at Americana diner in Hightstown, NJ.  But after that I grew to strongly favor savory breakfasts instead, and ended up abandoning pancakes for several years.  Now, the thought of them feels so American, and if I could say it, so New Jersey.  One morning, Matt and I were seriously craving pancakes with a savory twist.  What's the solution?  Bacon! Naturally.

And so, using a simple pancake recipe from Nigella with flour (225g), baking power (1 tbsp), eggs (2), butter (30g), salt (pinch), milk (300ml), and sugar (1 tsp).  Or better yet, just look up a recipe.
The impatient side of me wonders if this is enough bubbles for a flip
We then caramelized bananas in butter, brown sugar, rum, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Bacon in London tends to be thick and meaty instead of thin and fatty.  I do miss really nice crispy fatty bacon, but I guessssssss I can settle for this too... :)
Words can't describe how much we hated this stove...

A perfect way to start the weekend!  If I have to be honest, it was too much food... but by now I've thrown out the idea of portion sizing, it's more fun this way. 


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