Bocca di Lupo - Italian Craving Part 1

In the year and a few months that I've been in London, I've never gone out for Italian food.  When surrounded by enticing selections like Vietnamese, Afghan, or even British...I do tend to overlook what's probably the most popular cuisine.  I'll be the first to admit I sometimes just crave a  home cooked pasta.  We tried Bocca di Lupo in the heart of Soho and were delighted to sit at the counter of a busy bar and kitchen.  The menu selects dishes across various regions of Italy so you can go on a journey from Rome to Tuscany to Venice.  How close these small plates actually resemble the cuisine of their noted regions are debatable, but I'm sure that's not the concern for most of us.  I know I'm not in Italy, no need to remind me. 

First, look at these beauties, so shiny I can almost see my face...

Next, the fried squid, whole prawns and courgette (zucchini) sticks.  Light, crispy and fresh.  How can something that's deep fried also taste refreshing?  By also frying thin lemon slices...and yes I was mildly addicted to them. 

We shared two small pastas, the first of which was a spaghetti with crab and tomatos.  I enjoyed the sweet roasted tomatos, but found myself looking for the crab...both on the plate and in my mouth...

Next up, a cheese tortellini, which I have memories of liking very much.  I'm calling it a cheese tortellini because I see cheese in the picture, in reality I don't remember what was in this dish that I had almost 2 months ago.  So while carbs filled with cheese and cooked to a perfect al dente is obviously tasty, it was clearly not memorable. 

What was a bit more memorable and worth mentioning was this dish of stewed veal tongue, homemade sausage, candied mostarda, salsa verde, and a bread and bone marrow polenta.  Believe it or not, this was the second time eating animal tongue in a month...perhaps time to evaluate my choices?  The meats were delicately stewed and boiled for a natural taste, and paired nicely with the sweet mostarda.  I thoroughly enjoyed this for the interesting combination of flavors. 

Then naturally, this happened...  

4 small dishes, 1 dessert, 1 bottle of wine = £60  
While the food was very good, we did pay for the great location and elegant setting. 
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