Croque Madame Muffins

I can't take credit for this idea, we saw it on Rachel Khoo's Little Paris Kitchen show one day.  It made me so excited that the next week I went out and bought a muffin tin.  And after using it three times in two days, I'm proud to say the investment has paid off.... and thank you Argos!

This is a very simple way to make a unique and filling breakfast, and now with my secret tool in hand (ahem, this muffin tin), the possibilities are endless.

First, make a béchamel sauce.  Melt butter and add equal part flour, stir for a minute, whisk in milk.  Add a pinch of salt, pinch of nutmeg, and a small spoon of whole grain mustard.  And there's your sauce.

Use one slice of bread for each muffin.  The show uses plain white sandwich bread but we opted for something more grainy (aka. healthier) and it worked perfectly with the texture I love.  Cut off the crusts of the bread and flatten it out with a rolling pin.  Butter one side of the bread (or both if it's a happy day).  Then gently line a cup, butter side facing down.  No problem if the bread breaks during this, just push it all together so it's completely lined, it will all hold together in the end.

Put a new pieces of ham at the bottom.  Then crack one whole egg on top.  It does help to crack the egg into a bowl first in case the egg is too big for the tin, then you can leave out some of the egg white.

Then a little spoon of béchamel sauce.  And finally top with cheese! Gruyere is called for, we used some camembert and mozzarella...

Bake at 180c/250f for about 15 minutes for a runny yolk...20 mins for well done...something in between if you can't decide.

And look at these babies!

The first time we made this, we left it in for 20 minutes because we were concerned it wasn't cooked through. As you can see, it fooled us... despite a well done egg this was ridiculously tasty.

The second time we cooked it for exactly 15 minutes, perfection...

As for things I've made this year, this is definitely one of the best.  And when I said before the possibilities seem endless, they really are.  The same evening we decided to make just a ham and cheese muffin....

Next time I will tackle the ridiculous looking, completely necessary, meatloaf cupcake. 


  1. Looks fabulous. I've been dying to make these since I saw her show but never got around to do so. When your egg turned out perfect at 15 minutes, did the bread base crisp up perfectly too or was it still soft-ish?

  2. The bread base didn't crisp up, but it wasn't soggy either; it was firm enough to hold the muffin well!

    Good Luck and thanks for reading!


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