24 Hours in Bologna

Sandwiching a weekend in Florence was 24 hours in Bologna.  When we first arrived, I had the impression that this was a very old and gritty city.  We wandered around the train station searching for food, but instead found a massive market filled with vendors selling dirt cheap clothing, housewares, and, well, basically, junk.  So, gelato it was, as I quickly learned that it's one thing that's always available in Italy.   

We spent a little more time in Bologna at the end of the trip, staying for one night at a B&B in city center, which was really just someone’s house, decked out in old family photos.  Very charming indeed.  It was Easter Sunday, the streets were mostly empty, most of the shops and restaurants were closed.  Among this tranquility, I felt something very energetic about the city.  The architecture, including the hundreds of covered arches (porticos), had such an artistic quality.  

Speaking of artistic, not reeaaallllyyy sure what's going on here.

While Florence seemed to stand perfectly still in all her Renaissance glory, Bologna felt progressive with character.  We heard about great food in Bologna, though were not quite sure how this would pan out on Easter Sunday.  But we ended up at a very unassuming restaurant for one of the best meals of the trip.

It was about time for a pizza in Italy and I'm thankful it was this one.  Roast eggplant and smoked ricotta cheese... who knew ricotta could be smoked, and could taste this good?

Next up was gnocchi with calamari and prawns.  The gnocchi was soft but still slightly chewy, and it was bathed in a creamy tomato sauce full of seafood flavor.  Note, they did not skimp on the calamari or prawns either.

We also enjoyed a very Italian starter: tomato and mozzarella perfection. 

Not a bad last meal to end my first trip to Italy.  And here's to sum it all up. 


  1. YUM! The pizza looks so good. I also just visited Bologna for the first time and was surprised by the wonderful food as it was somewhere which had kind of been off my travel radar. Did you try the tagliatelle al ragu?


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