Udon Perfection -- Koya

There are very few restaurants in London that become a mainstay and are visited more than once or twice.  Not because they are bad or expensive, but simply because we want to try everything and anything under the sun.  One such exception in Koya in Soho.  This unassuming Udon noodle shop opened in late 2010, around the same time I went for the first time, and since it opened I've been back at least half a dozen times.  A few friends and I get into a constant debate over where the best noodle soup in London is, and while its hard to compare Udon to Ramen to Pho, this place at least ranks in the top 3.  They let you choose between hot udon with hot broth (pictured), cold udon with hot broth, and cold udon with cold broth.

The difference isnt as much about the flavor as it is about the texture of the noodles.  In the hot broth hot noodle they break apart easily and are what you would expect in udon soup, whereas in the cold noodle hot broth they are more chewy, one of my favorites.  To be honest I havent tried the cold noodle cold soup because, well, it doesnt really sound appetizing.  That being said the flavor combinations here are perfect, every...single...time.  And better than that, it doesnt break the bank.  Lunch for two with drinks (beer) is only about £25.  There are a few other things on the menu but without question, go for the Udon.
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