Seafood and Tacos in Boston

Approximately a lifetime ago, I lived in Boston while going to school and mostly drinking more than normal.  I was so excited to go back recently for a friend’s wedding.  Although my love affair with this dirty water city has faded over time, I still adore the sports obsessed beer drinking irish loving charm.  This time, culinary highlights included fresh seafood, both Italian and New england Style, and one of my favorite old Mexican places. 

The Daily Catch
It's Sicilian seafood perfection.  My roommate and I used to walk to The North End from Fenway every once in a while when we felt like we really deserved a “treat”.  We pretended we were not actually poor college students by indulging in such delights like lobster ravioli.  I never went to Daily Catch when I lived there, and now I really regret it.  When we sat down at the cramped table, I immediately loved the place because it was lively, permeated with fresh scents of seafood and garlic, and had one of those cute chalkboard menus that every girl loves.  When service came, I grew a bit skeptical because it was rushed, the bread not anything special, and the $9 disappointing "glass" of wine was served in a plastic cup.  I started to think… could this be another one of those trendy no reservations small restaurants that actually isn’t that good but gets away with it?

But it wasn’t.  The food really surpassed my expectations.  We copied the couple next to us by starting with the mussels.  They were big and plump and served in a perfect sauce of garlic, lemon, white wine and thyme.  Perfect for sopping up that mediocre bread.

Next we got the homemade black pasta with ground squid, and  I’m always a little hesitant about squid ink, while it has a great flavor, it’s also very rich and sometimes overpowering.  If not done correctly, it can become a gloopy gloppy mess, and (if you’re in Croatia), paired with random foods like chick peas.  But this was perrrrfect, the pasta was legit homemade where each strand looked different.  The sauce was not rich at all, in fact it was light and fragrant, and I could taste the olives in the olive oil. 

We also tried the monkfish marsala pasta.  It came with several large fillets of fresh monkfish over linguine.  The pasta, though didn't taste homemade, was cooked perfectly and was served in a fresh tomato and marsala wine sauce with mushrooms.  

Despite only staying in town for three days, we legit considered going back...

Quincy Market and Fanueil Hall 
I don't know if I had as much of a love affair with markets when living in Boston, but I do now, and so naturally had to return to this notoriously touristy indoor food hall.  There is nothing that really stands out here, but the atmosphere is lively and the offerings are diverse.  And here's a breakfast I can get down with... lobster roll and clam chowder.

El Pelón Taquería

This used to be a neighborhood joint and I was happy to be back.  My favorite was the fish tacos, of course. Because i LOVE fish tacos!  The fish was in nice big chunks, breaded and fried, it was topped with crunchy shredded veggies.  Also up were chicken tacos with some simple salsa. Sigh, I will miss this place.

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