corn fritters

Looking back at my blog posts so far, it's very clear that I really really love corn.
I've been meaning to make corn fritters for a long time and finally got around to doing so the other day and they came out really amazing.
I only made 4 since these were pre-dinner "snacks".  This is a normal occurrence in our apt.

I boiled a corn on the cob (fresh is so much better than frozen) until done and then shaved off the corn.
I then added both regular flour and fine polenta in equal portions.  Then I put some chopped scallions and an egg in it.

Stir the mixture and then add milk to thin it out, but not too thin so the mixture still holds together.  And of course, season!

Then i fried in vegetable oil, about 4 minutes on each side, but gotta check to make sure they don't burn!

When done i drained them on a paper towel...and because we live in a small apartment I naturally put them over the dish rack so they didn't steam up.  These are looking good....but wait it gets better with my salsa!

Top the fritters with, well anything really.  I made a fresh and very simple salsa with tomatos, onions, lots of cilantro and lime.  Not a bad snack!


  1. This looks yummy! thanks for the instructions. , I am going to try making it.


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