cioppino - seafood stew

Winter has arrived!

We are fortunate enough to live next to London's most famous market - Borough Market.  On a cold afternoon I stopped by for some good seafood in preparation for a hearty seafood stew, otherwise known as a cioppino.

We used a combination of whole prawns with head and legs, scallops, cod and mussels.

The cod was freshly cut with the skin still on.  Since the skin doesn't really belong in a soup, we decided to remove it and quickly pan fry it in some olive oil for a little snack.  You either have to be a non-food-waster (me) or enjoy crispy fish skin (also me), to appreciate this one. 

I personally don't think there's a science to making a great soup or stew.  We started with sauteing garlic and onions in a good amount of olive oil until onions were translucent.  Also added in some chopped parsley since it pairs well with seafood.  Then for the liquid, can of chopped tomatos, chicken broth (which for me is always bouillon cube+water), white wine. Easy!  Then you can add some seasonings and herbs to your preference, we just used some bay leaves. 

Cover and simmer on medium-low for half an hour... an important step to get out all the flavors. Lastly, add in all the seafood.  Before we added any seafood it looked more or less like watered down tomato sauce. After we added the seafood, the broth immediately turned rich and succulent, probably from the juices of those shrimp and mussels. yum.


It is of course natural to eat all soups with alot of carbs, and to keep it italian we made a very simple garlic bread.  I softened some butter with salt, pepper, lots of chopped garlic and italian seasonings.  Then smeared it over french bread and baked in the oven until golden. 



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