It's face time

Fergus Henderson’s St. John Bar and Restaurant in Farringdon is probably my favorite restaurant in London. This doesn’t mean the type of food is my favorite… not at all, British cuisine doesn’t exactly fall in the top, though I can’t help but appreciate things like “toad in a hole” and “spotted dick”. 

We tried out sister restaurant St. John Bread and Wine and once again, were not let down.  Both restaurants exemplify British cuisine by turning almost everyone into a believer in nose to tail eating.  Those who were intimidated end up walking out thinking “that lamb had some darn tasty glands!”.  I walk away feeling kind of accomplished...or at least that’s how I would feel with a normal amount of food.  But this is usually not the case. This time, we walked out feeling like the meal had owned us…in a good way.

We opted for the suckling pig to share.. the waitress described that the chef would use various pieces from the pig including its face.  After agreeing to order it, she confirmed with a friendly “and you’re OK with the face right?”… yes… yes…bring us the face.

Oh and it was actually a face – with teeth!

I don't actually have a picture :(

Since the face took over 45 minutes to cook, we had an appetizer of foie gras and duck pate on toast – it was rich, creamy and sweet, and had some nice rough sprinkles of sea salt.

Other things I adore about this restaurant include the freshly baked bread and butter (it’s just so addicting!) and the bone marrow with parsley salad at the Bar and Restaurant (seriously, go right now!)


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