Momofuku Noodle Bar

Many of us have this terrible habit of never taking advantage of things around us.  I have historically excelled in this department, having lived in NYC for almost four years, I never went to any of David Chang’s restaurants.  Not even a pop into milk bar for a cookie.

Over the holidays, this was about the change.  We originally made reservations to go to Ma Peche, one of Chang’s newer and fancier restaurants in the theater district.  Perfect for after seeing Chinglish, which, by the by, is friggin hilarious.  However after some contemplating, we decided to ditch that reservation and go somewhere closer to where we were staying and more fitting to our style of plain no fuss goodness.

Noodle Bar was a good call.  We arrived around 9:30 and were greeted by a bustling restaurant and a 40 minute wait.  No problemo, we were in the heart of East Village and so naturally went around the corner for a taco snack, which is normal behavior and as expected, a decision we later came to regret.  When we returned, we were seated very much on time.  The restaurant is a great open space with a nice exposed kitchen, and so I longed to sit at the bar so I could stare at the food being prepared. 

We started with the special on the board, a trio of tamales for only $8.  There was a classic jalapeno, a chinese sausage, and a fantastic pork and kimchi.  So this was already quite filling.

Next we tried the famous pork buns, whilst staring at the pork bun chef in front of us monotonously make non-stop pork buns… all… night…long.  The steamed buns were soft with a hint of sweetness.  The fatty piece of pork belly was grilled perfectly and complemented by some thin cucumbers and salty sweet oyster sauce.   It melted in my mouth. 

We also got the regular momofuku ramen with pork, scallions, fish cake and a fresh poached egg. I loved the extra sheet of nori on the side which softened nicely in the hot broth.  I only wish that there was more broth because it was so good but also tad salty, at home I would have just added in a little extra water and it would have been perfect.


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