a little taste of home

One of my favorite things from home is a little filled chinese pancake, basically a flattened bao zi that's pan seared.  My dad makes these are home, and I've recently attempted it myself after being without homecooked food for months!
Filling with chinese chives - jiu cai 
chopped raw shrimp
Combined with scrambled eggs, salt, sesame oil, and an egg white to bind it all together
Wrapping little steamed buns - bao zi

The secret of the pancake is that it's really just a bao zi, on crack.   After very gently flattening these babies out, I pan fry them in a thick skillet with just a small amount of oil - enough to coat the pan. 
Cook 5-7 min on each size covered on medium/low heat. 

Aaaaaand done!


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