It's Nice in Knysna

This is only about day 4 of our two week South Africa trip, which happened about 5 months ago... this rate I'll be done with SA blogging in 2013 (fail).

First stop on the Garden Route was Knysna.  On the first day, we went for a hike in Harkerville Forest right near the ocean.  Note: first time seeing the Indian Ocean.  Check!  On our way there our guide began to tell us about all the lovely "flora and fauna" we'd see...then I just had to ask the question that turned the first half of the hike into a nightmare.

Question: Are there snakes?
Answer: Yeah there's snakes in the forest.  Some of them are poisonous and move at lightning speed.  But don't worry. 
I am trailing the boys and shaking with fear
After a very stressful hour, we ended up on the beach, hooray!

To debrief from my distress, we went to eat some oysters at Sailor Sam in town that was recommended to us.  I loved this place not only for the cheap fresh seafood, but also for the excessive signs reminding us what was available.
I think they have oysters...

We thought it would be good idea to walk to the Thesan Islands, that was sort of a fail because we got there and realized it was a rich ghost town.  The next stop was Mitchells Brewery, Knysna's original family owned brewery.  It was quite a long walk and when we got there the sign said they had just closed... but luckily we still tried the door.  We peeked in and everyone turned around and said "heyyyyyyy come in!!!"  I like this place.  For several hours, we sampled good beers, chatted with the owners and fellow locals/travelers, and played with puppies.  Needless to say, I was sad to go...

The next morning we wandered around the waterfront and went to a cafe for some coffee.  Since the sun was already beating down we sat by the pier and ordered a few "iced coffees".
We thought we ordered cold coffee over ice.  We were served a milkshake and an ice cream float.

After that breakfast of champions, we went to try out paragliding... SO WORTH IT!

When traveling in a foreign country by bus, one must always expect that the bus will break down at some point.  On this day, our bus was delayed for hours.  But have no fear because we were by the beach, and so after paragliding we were dropped off at Myoli beach and hung out at the Afrovibe hostel.
bbq time!
it was also a beautiful beach

Not a bad way to wait!  Of course the change of schedule meant that when we eventually got on the bus, this was our dinner.

And onwards! To Port Elizabeth and Addo!


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