Fish, Glog, and Dead Bats...

After living, and working, in London for a while we decided it would be about time to go on a little weekend adventure.   After taking some time to figure out where we wanted to go, we realized that didn't matter because the top places we chose were way to expensive for such a short trip.  So, we settled on Copenhagen!!! It was on our list of places to go, just not at the top, and given that I want to go to all 27 (soon 29) countries in the EU before I leave, it was a good one to check off.

We arrived in Copenhagen late on a Friday night, and first were amazed by the cleanliness and efficiency of, well everything.  The metro was super fast and on time, there are bike elevators, and everything works perfectly.   Thats Scandinavia for you.  We had a delicious dinner before retiring to our hotel, which was fully equipped with not one, but two Asian restaurants, and a casino.

Sad about the dead bat

The next day we set off early to experience everything that Copenhagen had to offer, what that was...I think we are still unsure.  We got a delicious breakfast of a smoked salmon and avocado sandwich, which was, for lack of a better word, amazeballs.  Unfortunately, right after I saw a bat that was half dead....and a bird was eating it.  It was really sad.

Amazeballs sandwich.

After refueling we hit up the Danish history Museum which had a number of really interesting viking artifacts but was somewhat disappointing in the fact that we were more than ready to leave after just half an hour looking around.  We then proceeded to the shopping districts and old town to look around some Lego stores and other interesting shops before heading to the Torvehallerne market, an enormous indoor market for all things food.  This market had your everyday stuff like desserts, cheeses, and vegetables.  It also had some seriously delicious prepared food stands.  We decided to try our luck at a seafood place and we were spot on.  The fish was incredibly fresh and surprisingly served by a fellow american.  This guy was so nice, he and the stall owner next door actually drew out for us on a map what the best restaurants in copenhagen were and then proceeded to make us reservations.  Of course they were all booked... but the thought was nice.

Torvehallerne Market

Unfortunately, we couldn't go to any of the recommendations because we had more important plans, i.e. going to the Carlsberg Brewery.  We have been to a few breweries before but this one is enormous, and has become a museum.  The museum was interesting but the real purpose was to get some delicious fresh Carlsberg.  Now, i'm not the biggest Carlsberg fan in the world, but let me tell you...this was some good beer.

Once we were nice and buzzed we left and experienced some of Copenhagen's nightlife (or evening life) at a christmas market near tivoli garden where we drank some glog and ate sausages.  After we decided it was time to have dinner (This trip sounds like, and mostly was, all about food).  We chose Restaurant Puk, which received good reviews as being one of the better Danish restaurants in the city.  The food was spectacular and ridiculously filling.  We had a prawn cocktail, which was basically prawn in mayo, a danish rendition of fish and chips, and a pork dish.  There was enough food for four people, amazing, and we ate it all.


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