Its not very often you can say you have been to a 3 michellan star rated chef's restaurant, but because Jessica is brilliant and makes a reservation 4 months early, I was taken to Dinner by Heston Blumenthal for my birthday. Now occasionally when you leave a meal you can say one thing that you would have changed whether its one dish, the atmosphere, or the service, but we could honestly say that everything about this place was perfect. The service here is unbelievable, and you are waited on by the entire staff throughout the course of the meal. All of the dishes built from examples throughout history ranging from the 16th to 20th century. This was several months ago now so i'll only mention a couple dishes, but without question the most memorable part of the meal was the meat fruit appetizer from approximately 1530. I have never eaten anything like it. It is a chicken liver pate formed into a sphere and then covered with a orange paste and then chilled to look like a real orange. This dish....was unreal. So delicious and delicate, there isn't anything to compare it to.

For our main we chose the pork chop and the cod and cider. I'm not one to normally order a pork chop because they are normally dry and lacking a lot of flavor, but considering this was heston place why not. It was served with cabbage and was so moist and flavorful to my surprise. Another main course we had was the cod in cider with swiss chard and fired muscles.

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