Two egg sandwiches and a dream

Matt and I took a day trip to Cambridge a few weekends ago to 1. get out of London, 2. figure out the trains, 3. attempt to see Stephen Hawking.  We achieved 2 out of 3 of these goals.  We did no reading or planning at all, but did manage to make 2 egg sandwiches, and get on the right train on time.  Win!

These are the moments when I really feel like I'm in Europe.  In NYC, you take any one of the unreliable trains out of the city, and experience delayed trains and some pretty dreary views.  Meanwhile, I was amazed at how punctual (I mean to the second!) our train departed, and also how quickly the view changed from city to quaint countryside. 

Once we got off the train, we followed the crowd outside and took the bus to the university area.  Imagine going to college here, seriously. 

Starting to feel smarter. 

We were quickly greeted by punters, and like good tourists, happily got on board.  

Our punter was a former music student and quite entertaining.

And look at the cuties!!!

We also passed a huuuuuge asian tour boat, awesome. 

The architecture everywhere was beautiful.  What I didn't appreciate was having to pay to get into every building, but there's much more to appreciate outside anyways.  We enjoyed sitting by the River Cam and watching people punt themselves (secretly hoping they would fall into the water). 


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