Razor Clams at the Horseshoe, Hampstead.

When people think of London pubs, the first thing that generally comes to mind is fish and chips (mmm), bangers and mash, shepherds pie, and (sometimes) warm cask ale. Well, thats generally the case, but there has been an emergence recently of gastropubs, specializing in not only micro-brewed local and international beers, but also in high quality food. Hopefully, this will become a regular entry on cool gastropub finds in central london, but if not, we can at least leave you with one excellent gem. Over the winter we were eager to have a traditional Sunday roast and trekked up to Hampstead to go to the Holly Bush, but never thought we would need a reservation to get in. This may have been a blessing in disguise because we stumbled upon The Horseshoe, a modern gastropub situated right near the Northern Line, that serves Camden Brewery beers exclusively. Not only did they serve some excellent beers, all on tap I might add, but the food was unreal. It was so long ago I dont remember all the stuff on the menu, but I do remember the two obscenely filling dishes we tried. The first was a platter of muscles and razor clams served in a garlic tomato sauce. The seafood was so fresh and delicious, we almost forgot to eat the enormous side of fries that came with it.

The second dish was the sunday roast selection. It include a gigantic slab of roast beef, roasted potatoes, a mashed sweet potato salad, and to top it all off an amazing yorkshire pudding. Unfortunately i cant be more discriptive than that since it was more than three months ago, but The Horseshoe is an awesome off the beaten path stop for a relaxing Sunday outside hectic central london!
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