zomg difaras

I did it! I did it! I did it!

I finally went to Difaras!

After years of thinking about it, being too lazy to make the trek, being too fearful of the talked about long waits, I finally went.....and ohhhhhh boyyyyyyy was it the best pizza I've ever had (until I go to Italy).

I called ahead and ordered a large pie... knowing that it would take a while since there's only one oven and one man making the pizzas.  I was told it would be an hour, perfect.  Janet and I got there expecting a long line and a packed house with no tables.  When we got there, we were delighted to find that there was no line and there was a table for us!  I think the trick is to go on a Wednesday night.  What I love about the service is that you can order your pizza ahead of time, but no matter when you get there, they'll always have a fresh out of the oven pizza for you.  When we got there, we told them that we were running across the street to get cash and beer (and yes, you can BYO) The woman kindly gave our pizza to someone else and when we came back and we had a fresh one ready for us.  This is true pizza integrity!
The pizzas are made to order and cooked by a single old man Dom DeMarco who's owned the place for almost 50 years.  There's only one oven which is why there are often such long waits.  But what comes out really is the freshest pizza ever.  The dough is thin, crispy, with edges that are soft and perfectly charred.  I love pizza crust and I could easily rip off this crust to sop up the oils.  When the pizza comes out of the oven, he generously tops it with fresh basil and olive oil.  The tomato sauce and cheese are both super fresh that they have a sweetness.  While we did luck out with the wait time, I think it's most definitely worth the wait and I can't wait to go back!!!


  1. Isn't that cool that even though they are so busy they have kept the old world charm of the place. Have they been at that location for the 50 years? Because that would be pretty amazing. Great looking pizza!

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