spicy turkey chilli

I know that chili isn't difficult to make and almost everyone can do it.  It's one of those one dish meals that has a bunch of stuff in it, and can't, in any way, for any reason, not be good.  But that's why we love to make it.  Sunday is usually the day when I analyze my current state of affairs and make plans for the coming week.  Sometimes this includes life changing decisions, sometimes it's just what I'm going to bring for lunch.  And luckily, on special occasions, what I bring for lunch just so happens to be life changing too.   Such was the case with my spicy turkey chili.
When I say chili isn't difficult to make, I mean that it's almost impossible to screw up.  Take everything you love and put it together. You basically need to fulfill 5 categories.

1. Ground meat.  Any ground meat such as beef/pork/veal/turkey
2. Vegetables.  Start with the essential onion, and add in whatever you want such as celery, zucchini (delish!) or peppers.  Canned hot peppers are amazing!
3. Stew.  Essentially, canned tomatoes with chicken broth to thin out and tomato paste to thicken.  Sounds contradictory, but it works.
4. Seasonings.  Taco seasoning works really well on the meat.  I like to use a couple of garlic cloves and crushed red pepper.  A little smokey chili powder, paprika, or cumin also go a long way.
5. Beans. Canned kidney or black beans, yum.

And since I happen to be addicted to avocados, I couldn't resist.  A little sour cream would have gone a long way too.  MMMMM!

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