Pope on Fifth

I was at my neighborhood Bar/Restaurant Lobo hanging out as St Patrick's Day celebrations were winding down. I was visiting my friend Charlotte who works there and having a cocktail. While she was closing up the restaurant, I eavesdropped on the three people having a conversation next to me at the bar. One of the guys said "Cheers to you two hopefully working for me one day! Cheers to making sandwiches!". So as a bold and curious woman who also REALLY love sandwiches...I had to work myself into the conversation! "Sandwiches?!" I asked, "What about them"

So it turns out the three was talking about their panini press at home and how the deli across the street, Fifth Ave Deli, makes some AMAZING sandwiches...possibly better than Bierkraft. Now...if you haven't been to Bierkraft, you are missing out on some great artisanal sandwiches. But according to them, fifth avenue deli was better, in particular, #16, Pope on Fifth.

Pope on Fifth is a combination of Turkey, Roast Beef, Munster Cheese, and GRAVY, all served on a hero for $5.50. The girl who told me about the sandwich was so passionate she made sure to repeat this sandwich, it's price, and number on the menu to me at least 5X. Than, the extraordinary happened. This girl offered me a bite of her sandwich! She wanted to prove to me how good the sandwich was...she offered me a bite of her uneaten half! How nice is that!?

I was a little taken aback when she offered me the bite of her sandwich but of course I accepted. It was like making a secret transaction...She unfolded the perfectly layered, marinated in Gravy sandwich out of her bag and passed it to me. It was wrapped in wax paper. I took a bite and it was sure enough...a VERY decadent sandwich.I passed it back and proceeded to let the gravy soaked meat engulf my mouth. It was a very good sandwich.

I will remember this next time when I am craving a good sandwich. #16, Pope on Fifth, $5.50. I promise to post a picture next time.

Address: http://www.yelp.com/biz/5th-avenue-market-brooklyn


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