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Happy 2011 everyone!
Not only is this the start of a new year, but it's also the start of a new decade, wow. 

When I started this blog in 2009, I wrote a measly 7 entries.  In 2010, along with friend and trusty foodie Janet, we wrote a combined 42 entries.  That's a 600% increase!!!  Six days into 2011, my goal is to write a new entry every week.  Whether or not this actually happens is about as ambiguous as whether or not people actually read this blog.  But I'll still pretend like both will happen.  So bring it 2011.

I'd like to start this year with a recap of my 2010 year-end vacation.  My boyfriend Matt and I embarked on a two week gallivant across London (where he lives), Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, and San Sebastian.  After several weeks of trying to figure out how to blog about this trip, we've decided to collaborate on the writing and combine food and travel into one blog (though let's face it, it's going to be more focused on food).  We'll be writing subsequent entries for different parts of the trip, aaaaand I'd say if this is accomplished by the end of the year, I'll be pretty happy. 

In honor of 2011, and to sum up the trip, I've put together a list of 11 very important lessons learned from the trip, yay!
1. Vacationing in December, right before the holidays, is pure genius.
2. Canned food is absolutely delicious.  For example, canned sardines are fannnntastic.
3. When visiting new places, try to do a little bit of research on places to eat.
4. Bringing me to the 4th lession:  If Mark Bittman recommends a place to go, go to it.
5. When in Spain, you will find absolutely no food between the hours of 3 and 6, so plan accordingly
6. Renting out apartments is a fabulous way to save money and get a true authentic experience.
7. Bringing me to the 7th lesson: When hanging clothes outside to dry, always take them in before going to bed.
8. When taking local transportation, always ask if cities have two different names.  You never know.
9. When beer too expensive at the airport, check the duty free shops.
10. Eat anything that you are given, if you are lucky it will be a gooey caramel alcoholic paste. 
11. Walk as much as possible, it's the best and most efficient way to see a city.

And onward to London!


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