Granville Island Smokery

Granville Island is literally a little island filled with food shops galore underneath the bridge to go to Downtown Vancouver. The island which is barely a mile long, mile wide is completely filled with restaurants, small souvenir shops with local goods, and a public market that features some of the most delicious and freshest foods I have seen. One thing about the West Coast that I think trumps the East Coast is their abundance of beautiful and delicious produce and fresh caught seafood for the pacific.

At Granville Island, I visited one of their local shops - Granville Island Smokery. The shop excels in none other...smoked fish. You can also get their house made sauces which looked really good.

TB and I decided to try the octopus terrine (seen directly below) and the smoke salmon deluxe plate (second picture down)

I am a huge octopus fan. I love the chewy and tender texture of freshly grilled octopus and I also really enjoy pates for it's rich fattyness. Octopus Terrine...this sounded really good and I think looked better than it actually tasted. The Octopus was a little chewier than I expected because it was in the gelatinous terrine mold and didn't have much flavor. A little olive oil and seat salt would have helped this dish out.
Onward! Not all things savorylinings cover is delicious but it did make for a good photograph! Below is the salmon plate which has two types of smoked salmon, salmon jerky, and salmon candy. The smoked salmon was fresh and didn't have the crystallized texture I think smoked salmon New York has. What I mean is I feel like NY salmon is a little chewy from being more processed. This salmon was more tender and tasted ridiculously fresh. Salmon jerky was firmer and chewier. Like Jerky, it was a little tougher and dried. The Salmon candy was pretty fabulous...think little nuggets of fresh salmon with a terriyaki type glaze on top.
To help with the saltiness of everything, we got a fresh baguette from La Baguette et L'Echalote Bakery to accompany our meal. The bakery was making fresh garlic croutons when we entered so immediately we were floored by the smell of fresh roasting garlic. They also give free samples of all their breads so needless to say we gorged some more on fresh sour dough and other carbalicious goods.


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