Charcoal Restaurant - Fine Korean and Japanese Sushi!

Richmond, British Columbia is the neighboring city of Vancouver and is actually closer to the Vancouver Airport than Downtown Vancouver. Richmond has a large Asian population and as a result has some of the most authentic Asian restaurants I have seen.

Charcoal (located 7997 Westminster Hwy, Unit 250, Richmond, BC) is a Korean BBQ and Japanese restaurant that TB and I stumbled on when we went to the drug store. The restaurant is very modern and has a fusion twist on their dishes so while not being 100% traditional, was pretty authentic in it's goodies. TB and I ordered up a storm.

For our main dishes, I got the classic ramen bowl (seen below). Chewy Ramen, Pork Belly, Poached Half egg, and fish ball. Delicious!

We shared their spicy marinated kalbi beef and got to grill it ourselves to slight burnt, crispy, juicy, fatty.
TB got the Udon stirfry with bacon, mushrooms, and bonito flakes on top.
For appetizers, we shared the best crazy sushi roll we both have ever had which was conveniently called 'The Indian Roll'. (TB is Indian in case you don't get this reference) The sushi roll is spicy tuna topped with spicy scallop and drenched in more spicy mayo and wasabi sauce. We almost ordered another one of was that good.

Fresh seaweed salad
Spicy Marinated Baby Grilled Octopus. These little darlings were easy to pop into your mouth!
Freshly caught oysters caught day of served in the shell.
Freshly caught day of Oysters served in the shot.

We left rather satisfied!


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