Hot Dogs in Vancouver - Japa Dog and Tandoori Dog!

I went to Vancouver in August and had some delicious meals. One delicious food that I discovered was the fun twist on hot dogs Vancouver street vendors offered. On a block right next to the waters, I stumbled along Tandoori Tika Dogs and Japa Dogs.

The Tandoori Hot Dog pictured below is a hot dog seasoned with Tandoori seasoning and covered with grilled onions.  We had the beef hot dog and it tasted like a smokier version of the hot dog. I expected a little more tandoori seasoning but I was a little disappointed.

The Hot Dog that blew my mind was the ebichilli dog at JapaDog! The EbiChilli dog is a hot dog made with Shrimp topped with spicy Japanese Mayo, ebi flakes, and little dried shrimp. The hot dog had the tangy spicy taste. Served on a buttered bun...this was close to a japanese lobster roll. Delicious!

Even Celebrities go to Japadog! Including Jin (Daniel Kim) from Lost! I like that the sign reminds us that he is Jin...

Before we left Vancouver we tried to go back and get the Goku Dare. It's a spicy marinated pork hot dog but unfortunately they aren't open on Sundays. : (


  1. Hi, glad you made it to Vancouver

    here is a website that lists the street food vendors. I hope you find it useful for your next trip our way!

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