Spiced up mango chicken

Sometimes I feel really bad for the chicken.  It's perhaps the most commonly eaten meat in the United States, and possibly even the world (but please don't assume this is fact and that I've even so much as googled this, for I'm sure I'm wrong).  The fast food and processed food industries eat up and exploit chicken like it's their jobs, oh wait, it is.  And yet, it's a common consensus among my friends that nobody actually LIKES chicken THAT much, and that it is in fact an under-appreciated meat.  So why do we buy it? I guess it's easy, it's cheap....it's.... dare I say...almost a....commodity. This is all true.  Chicken IS cheap!  Even the free range organic nicely packaged chicken is cheaper than seafood and red meats.  So how can we take advantage of this typically boring meat and make it a little more exciting? 

Here's a recipe for my own cajun chicken with mango salsa dressing.  

I've seasoned a chicken breast with a generous amount of cajun spice blend.  You can use your own or a combination of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, onion and garlic powder, oregano.  You can also choose to marinate the chicken in whatever marinade you have, but I kind of like using a dry rub because it comes out nice and blackened. 

The actual cooking process of chicken is the most important.  Here, I've coated a non-stick skillet with olive oil and turned the stove on high.  I let the oil get nice and hot before putting the chicken in.  Once it touches the pan, I try not to move it until I have to flip it over.  I let each side cook for 2 minutes.  But as every stove and every pan is different, I highly recommend using a thermometer.  Seriously, go out and buy one right now for it's uses are endless.  Chicken should cook to be about 165 degrees inside.  For just a one piece, it's good to let it cook until it barely reaches 165, and then take it out and let it sit for a few minutes. 

The mango salsa is a very refreshing complement to the spicy chicken.  This version is soooo easy and consists of only three main ingredients.....emphasis on the MAIN...common', this isn't the magical 5 ingredient meals blog...this is real food :) 

-diced mango
-diced roasted red pepper
-diced scallion
-the juice of 1 lime 
-salt and fresh pepper
-a dash of sugar

Happy eating, and remember to pay appreciation to the chicken!


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