Never Underestimate a Neon Taco sign - Taqueria Coatzingo

Several months ago, we went to explore Jackson Heights and found some authentic Mexican street style quesadillas, seen here! We have been in love with JH ever since and couldn't resist going back.
I (Janet) recently drove to Jackson Heights with the boyfriend to go eat street quesadillas over the July 4th weekend. While walking around, Tusar (the Boyfriend) noticed a Taco sign written in Neon flashing lights. I am admitting to everyone right now that I doubted the authenticity of this tacqueria immediately. Something about flashing lights made me think that this place was trying to be something it was not. Reluctantly I followed Tusar into the restaurant and decided that I wouldn't get anything. The restaurant decor was nothing to rave about - simply some tables and telemundo playing in the background. I thought stubbornly to myself that I wanted to get full off the street food I had come to Queens for! Thank Food that Tusar was so open minded about this place because I would have never discovered the best Torta I have ever had so far in my life!

Shown below is the Chorizo Torta! For only $5.50, you get a layer of Chorizo, Avocado, Mexican Cheese, Mayo, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce, Avocado, and Chorizo...all stuffed between a crusty buttered roll. What I loved most about this sandwich was 1. The layer technique...CHECK OUT THE PROFILE SHOT! 2. The Chorizo was actually sausage chorizo. I think most places I have gone Chorizo has been served more as a ground up meat. There is something really succulent about chewing on sausage in a sandwich. 3. You can get this torta with a fried egg...NEXT time I am totally getting the EGG!

First bite of this sandwich, you taste the butter toasted roll, big pieces of chorizo, spicy oil and the refreshing coolness of mayo, the lettuce is crisp, and the tomato/onion provide just the right acidity and crunch. This sandwich makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It was so good that I had to go two weeks in a row and bring Jess with me so she can experience herself the amazing-ness of this place...Check out Jess's review of the tacos below.

PS. Huge Lesson on taquerias...never underestimate a restaurants food just because they have neon taco sign and don't judge till you have tried. Thank You Tusar for showing me the light! (Neon light of course!)

Next came the tacos....and look at the size of these! For only $2 each, these tacos are loaded with scrumptious meats, smothered in fresh guacamole, and bundled up in two warm corn tortillas. They serve a common Mexican style taco called tacos al pastore. The meat is pork and cooked shawarma style on a vertical rotisserie with onion on top. Prior to cooking, the pork is marinated for hours in chillies. First bite into the taco and you can taste how well flavored and juicy the meat is. The other taco pictured is spicy pork and equally juicy and delicious. The spicy pork had more of a tang than the al pastor. The best part about these tacos, and the rest of the food, was how perfectly made they were. I'm admittedly particular about the way certain foods are put together, and by this I mean I want consistency and neatness. If there are multiple layers, I want to taste everything in one bite. If I'm supposed to pick it up with my hands, I want it to stay together. This restaurant has managed to deliver this effortlessly and for that I really applaud them. Bottom line, if you like mexican food, go to Jackson Heights and make sure to stop at Taqueria Coatzingo . Much more to come on other JH treats as we continue to explore this booming culinary neighborhood!


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