for the tired hungry and poor...a serious breakfast quesadilla!

If it wasn't for the tortilla, I may not have made it through college.  It's one of the most quick and versatile foods that I can think of.  I've made pizzas, wraps, chips, tacos, even stir fries using tortillas...and of course let's not forget my favorite...the quesadilla.  On those days where milk and cereal are just not enough, try this recipe for a breakfast quesadilla that hits that perfect morning after a big night spot. Yes, you know what I'm referring to.  Those mornings when future hopes and dreams look dim and you firmly believe that grease with a side of eggs will save your life, or maybe that you need not just one but two bagels.
The recipe calls for a few main ingredients and a few options/substitutions.  The options of course depends on just how hungry you are.
-1 (or 2 for serious eaters) tortillas.  I use spinach because it's pretty, honestly, not because it's healthy.  I know that spinach tortillas do NOT taste like spinach
-Shredded cheese - montery jack is perfect
-2 eggs
-butter for cooking
Optional add-ins: your typical omelette foods, aka. what you want.  Pictured here is onions and peppers. 

So the most important thing about cooking this quesadilla is the egg.  You want to scramble the egg in a bowl and add a generous amount of salt.  Coat a non-stick skillet with butter and heat on medium.  Pour in the egg and tilt the pan in circles to form kind of a crepe.  If you're skilled enough to do a flip go for it. Otherwise, I don't think it's necessary.  Let's see if I'm eloquent enough to describe my favorite technique.  And I apologize in advance if I'm confusing anyone, seriously, maybe stop reading right now.  I don't flip the egg at all, I let it cook for like a minute and top with a layer of shredded cheese and place a tortilla on top.  I then place a plate right on top of everything and in one giant skillet/plate flip, I place the entire tortilla with cheese and egg right on the plate.  I then add a little more butter and slide it back into the skillet, tortilla facing down, and start layering the rest of my ingredients.  More cheese, obviously.  Within minutes, voila! You are now ready to start the day!


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