Yola's Cafe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

THIRD STOP! Dos Camino's for good tacos? I shun it! Forget glitzy over-priced guacamole when you can get the real thing at low key, hole in wall - Yola's Cafe! Located right off the Lorimer L Stop, Yola's Cafe was the first Mexican Taqueria that I tried in Williamsburg and I will always love it for it's diner-esque menu of everything Mexican and a few american hambuergusea add ons.

Yola's recently went over a makeover and has expanded it's cafe to include a take out counter and sit down area. It's menu features just about everything from tortas, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, flautas, chilaquiles...etc (I think you get it)

Being that tamales is the new thing on Jess and I's hit list...we decided to try their chicken jalapeƱo tamale. It was pretty good but not as good as the Jackson Heights Tamales. *Hey, everything is relative right? The Tamale was well packed with chunks of chicken and other veggies. It had a great flavor and was very warming to the soul. After spliting the tamale, Jess and I were pretty warmed up for our next three courses! For a quick bite at the Lorimer L Stop or a third appetizer on a Williamsburg Food Tour, I recommend you stop by Yola's for a quick snack or binge...


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