Quesadilla Cart, Jackson Heights, Queens

After hearing so much about Jackson Heights street food, I was so excited to finally venture to this eclectic neighborhood.  Freshly made tortillas can be found at most carts, but not all of them seem to have as big of a following as this quesadilla cart on 82nd street.  Masa tortillas are pounded flat and grilled by the frenzied but friendly ladies who run the show.  They are stuffed with spicy chorizo, potato, crunchy lettuce and cheese.  An assortment of salsas and hot sauces are prepared in giant squeeze bottles for you to indulge in. The food here is such a big hit that they've even set up tables and chairs along the sidewalk.  And while the line is long, the wait is worth it, as is eating it standing up.  After trying one of these $2 miniature quesadillas, I was ready to sit down and have five more.  This is a neighborhood I will be back at very soon!


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