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3am Cookies

Staying home taking care of a newborn certainly has its ups and downs.  Before I went on maternity leave, I had this image in my head that I would be able to do alot of reading, practice my baking (seriously, Matt is still waiting to come home to a tray of yorkshire puddings), and write a few blog posts that have been accumulating in my head.  Mothers around the world can all laugh at me now.  Aside from not sleeping or bathing, the most challenging thing about the fourth trimester has been eating.  And by eating I mean NOT eating despite being (and still am) ravenously hungry ALL. THE. TIME.
During the first 2 months, what I needed were easily consumable and nutritious foods that required zero prep and could be eaten with one hand.  After several weeks of thinking, planning, acquiring ingredients, and looking at those ingredients sit on the counter...I made these cookies that were great.  I call these "3am cookies" because I was most desperately hungry in the middle of the…

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