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On commuting on other things

We took the plunge this year and moved from the city to the suburbs of NJ.  And by city, I mean NYC. There's this Friends episode when Richard and Monica first meet, and Monica is catering a party at Richard's house, and he talks about how people do this sympathy head tilt when he tells them that he's getting divorced.  This is how I feel sometimes when I tell people in the city that I've moved to the suburbs.  There's this slight gasp followed by a head nod, then a sympathy tilt, ending with a "how are you adjusting?".  As if I've grown a new limb and need to adjust to a brand new reality.  Then, almost in an effort to make me feel good about my new awkward limb, they open their eyes wide and say "well you must be so excited by all that space!"  To which I think "yes I love the space, and I love being further away from you!" Cue my 16 month old daughter saying "byebyeeeee!"

In all honesty, I love the suburbs, the adjust…

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