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Another long overdue post from 2016 travels!

Peru was on the bucket list for as long as I can remember.  We flew to the beautiful town of Cusco, a good place to get settled, stock up on some much-needed warmer clothing, and eat.
Unfortunately, we couldn't really savor Cusco because we were met with the crushing defeat of altitude sickness. That lasted for a few days, and by the time we felt somewhat normal, we were off to begin a 3 day/2 night Sacred Valley and Inca Trail tour.  The first night we stayed in Ollantaytambo, a really relaxing backpacker village at the base of really beautiful Incan ruins.

The next morning, we took a train to a random stop in the middle of the tracks to begin the hike up to the Sun Gate.  In my limited hiking experience, I thought this was the most stunning hike I've ever done. The views throughout the trail are absolutely incredible, it's easy to forget about where you came from in a place like this.  The full day trek took about 7-8 hours,…

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